«What sounds like it would be a crossover nightmare to any classical music lover ends up being the most entertaining and exciting thing anyone’s done with Schubert in a long time.» Opernwelt 06/2017
“One rarely hears Schubert’s ‘Die schöne Müllerin’ performed with such creativity and competence.” Mainpost 05/2017
«Die Behutsamkeit mit der die Musiker hier agieren, entlockt den Kunstliedern eine berührende Intimität und Nähe zum Original, so dass selbst jene, die noch nie ein Schubert-Lied gehört haben, von der Musik fasziniert sind.» Frank Siebert, Schleswig Holstein Musik Festival 02/2018
«As a life-long student of Schubert’s Lieder, I consider the Erlkings to be a most precious addition to his legacy.» Richard Stokes, Professor of Lieder at the Royal Academy of Music, London 04/2016
«A full-frontal approach to Schubert. They endeavor to unfreeze art song from it’s long, frozen sleep.» Deutschland Radio 04/2017
«Schubert mit Suchtpotenzial» Mainpost 05/2017
«A group of dedicated, talented and inspiring young performers who really love Schubert. It’s a version in English for the 21st century, faithful to the original but…maybe you should come and hear for yourself.» Norman Shetler, acclaimed Lieder pianist 10/2017
The Erlkings are the world's newest genre defying Schubert ensemble. Comprised of four classically trained multi-instrumentalists The Erlkings perform fresh new arrangements of Schubert's finest songs, cleverly adapted for the modern English speaking audience. Equally at home on the concert stage or in a smokey beer-hall, The Erlkings are the only band around getting people to dance to Goethe and Schiller.